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Designed in Switzerland
Made in Austria


  • Fits all sunlounges thanks to its elasticity
  • Material: Elastic Band
  • Width: 25mm
  • Elasticity: 100/170mm
  • Fixation: Plastic-Clips
  • Colour: all colours are available
  • Conditioning: printed, woven or with a patch
  • Design: lettering, logo, individual design

BTT Orange

BTT Orange O/1 Produktefoto
BTT Orange O/1 Produktefoto
BTT Orange O/1 Produktefoto

USD 11.95

BTT White

BTT Orange O/1 Produktefoto
BTT Orange O/1 Produktefoto
BTT Orange O/1 Produktefoto

USD 8.95

BTT DarkBlue

BTT Orange O/1 Produktefoto
BTT Orange O/1 Produktefoto
BTT Orange O/1 Produktefoto

USD 11.95

BTT Magenta

BTT Orange O/1 Produktefoto
BTT Orange O/1 Produktefoto
BTT Orange O/1 Produktefoto

USD 11.95

As of 500 pieces we offer customized BeachTowelTwist™ showing your own logo and/or your CI/CD colours. Please get in Contact with us directly to get a personalized offer.

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03. December 2018

Many thanks to the
for their give-away-order

We're thrilled...!

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01. August 2018

Another happy corporate customer with our branded give-away

Thank you INFINIGATE for your order

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20. February 2018

The largest Tourism Company in Europe shops with us...
...makes us proud.

Many thanks to TUI for this order.

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Thomas Cook

17. February 2018

Cool and clear logo apperance.

Many thanks to
Thomas Cook
for this order.

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06. August 2017

As if it was meant to be ;-)
our new customer FIXIT AG with the original Beach Towel Twists™ showing their own card.

Many thanks to FIXIT AG & Pandinavia for this order.

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21. June 2017

And another customer order
fulfilled and delivered.

Many thanks to
Evatec AG and to KW Open GmbH
for your order

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12. June 2017

Beach Towel Twist™ suggested as
The Red Bulletin
in their July issue.

We cannot agree more
and say "thank you"

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marke[ding] 2017

29. May 2017

Exciting talks and great new contacts
at our very first stand at the
marke[ding] 2017 fair in Lucerne

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12. April 2017

We're delighted to announce, that
today we delivered customized
Beach Towel Twists
to our neo-customer HAPIMAG, AG

Many thanks for this order and lots of success.

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Survival Run 2017

07. March 2017

A huge and sportive thank you to
RUAG Real Estate AG
for their giveaway-order for the
2017 Survival Run in Thun.

What a great idea to keep your car-seat clean after such a muddy and fun race!

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For B2B customers

02. March 2017

New: strandbag & postcard...!

Printable on both sides with your logo and/or your message.

Contact us for a non-binding quote
by using below contact form.

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Now also on AMAZON

05. February 2017

Beach Towel Twist™ is now also available on Amazon. Simply click on the Amazon Logo in our shop and off you go...
Happy shopping.

PS: further colors are planned... stay tuned and be among the first to know...

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Our 1st B2B customer

19. December 2016

We're thrilled.
Our very first delivery to B2B customer Crystal Travel AG (Zürich, Zug, Baar) printed with their own Logo.
We cannot wait to see their customers using Beach Towel Twist™ on beaches, pools and cruise ships around the globe.

More about Crystal Travel AG here:

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Web-Shop online!

02. December 2016

Enjoy your next vacation stressfree... no more awkward turning around on your sunlounge getting your towel back up because it has crumpled under your back. Beach Towel Twist™ holds your towel up, be it at the beach, the pool or on your cruise vacation... simply "Fix it and Stay relaxed".
Treat yourself and your loved ones and give the trendiest product there is on the market today.

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Make your visit to the beach hassle free

You are on your lounge chair…
the blue sea in front of you...
a light brise...
you are close to dozing off...
suddendly, an unexpected gust of wind blows your towel around.
Do you dare to turn around? Unfortunately your towel does the same and wrinkels-up underneath your back.
How unpleasant!
How uncomfortable!
Beach Towel Twist™ sets an end to this. Simply attach the 4 clips to your towel and enjoy a hassle free vacation.


The best quality from not too far

Beach Towel Twist™ is
Designed in Switzerland and
Made in Austria.
High quality and a quick response time at an unbeatable price.

Key chains, USB-sticks and sunscreens are so yesterday. Beach Towel Twist™ is the perfect give-away and promotional gift with your logo on it. Wow your customers and stay in good memory during their vacation.


Patented and protected

Beach Towel Twist™ is patented and protected by law.
European patent: pending
Swiss patent no: CH 00021/11
German utility patent no. : DGBM DE 20 2011 000 018.4/ protection of utility patents
Austrian utility patent: pending
Copyright © 2012 - Beach Towel Twist™

Beach Towel Twist™ is distributed by CSM Dis Ticaret and AXL549 GmbH.


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